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Expeditors’ innovative approach to global customs and compliance adds extraordinary value to our supply chain programs. We do it with effective understanding of customs and other government border agency responsibilities. We’re also highly effective in the use of our unique systems, applications, tools, and technology that leverage resources, duty, and tax minimization programs to reduce cost and increase organizational value. Our technology drives desired commonality with strict compliance, reliable declaration processing, and strong source data.

At Expeditors, our customs and customs compliance professionals understand the intricacies of customs and trade regulations and how to apply them locally. Our customs knowledge and innovative programs are respected worldwide, and our feedback on advanced pilot programs in multiple countries creates opportunities for further enhancements at a regional and multi-country level.

Even when multiple logistics providers, freight forwarding agents, and other vendors are involved in the same supply chain, we offer expertise, exceptional customer service, and transparent and consistent process management.


Expeditors Customs Invoice

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Affidavit of Manufacture

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